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Server data

Url: cerberus.draconigen.net
Dynmap: http://map.cerberus.dranet.de/

Daily restart: 05:00 Uhr
Online since 02.09.2011

Worldtype: Survival
PvP: activated
Monster spawn: activated
Hungersystem: activated
Animals: activated
regeneration of life: activated
White-list: activated
keep inventory: activated
mob griefing: deactivated
Monster Loot: activated
firespreading: activated
Item Drop: activated

Permanent event "The market is in the city

Status: No market active
The market is located in the city: -

Information about the event:

The market is constantly changing from position to position and offers a wide range of limited items that change at irregular intervals. Each time the items are updated, the market also changes its location and is located in a new city. Every city can be registered to be included in the list of potential cities. A prerequisite for this is that the city has a marketplace with at least 5 stands.


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