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Welcome to the realm of Draconigen Studios and the roleplaying worlds of Gramur and the Skaáhurii. This rather cold website offers you numerous possibilities to explore our roleplaying worlds, which are constantly expanding, to find friends, fellow players or game masters or simply to play a PC game in the evening with friends.


For communication with each other, you can use our Discord, Teamspeak or a Telegram channel moderated by us. Alternatively, you can also visit our forum, which is unfortunately only kept alive by necromancy. Who knows, maybe you of all people will bring our forum back to life!


Since the question comes up very often, all online services are free of charge and free of advertising! We finance this out of our own pockets as a hobby.


Interested? Or do you just want to write or speak with other people? Then just check out our TeamSpeak or Discord.

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You can find an overview of all platforms here.

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